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Taste the Poetry



Preseren's sweetmeats are a sweet attempt to give the country something to draw the attention of customers to, while promoting the image of Slovenia's most precious cultural personality at the same time. The family company, Benedict d.o.o., that produces the Preseren chocolate balls, took its inspiration from the Mozart Kugel, a legendary sweet that no one forgets to take when leaving Salzburg. Preseren's chocolate balls come in stylishly decorated wrapping and boxes featuring a portrait of The Poet. But instead of Mozart's marzipan, Preseren offers hazelnuts in melted sugar, nougat cr?me and chocolate. Two tons of the Presernove kroglice are produced annually and the demand continues to grow. They can be found at Benedict's Cukrcek sweetshops and certain hypermarkets. Preseren's figs, while offering the same level of elegance and design, demonstrate a more original approach and are currently being produced for only a very exclusive market. The figs are coated in chocolate and have an interesting tale behind them, which gives the product even more authenticity; while figs are not typically Slovenian, story has it that Dr France Preseren would often carry dried figs in the pockets of his overcoat and children would run after him calling out "Doctor, give us a fig!" "The idea for the product came from the ethnologist Dr Janez Bogataj, who claimed that Slovenia lacked such products and was annoyed by Preseren's chocolate balls, which seemed plagiaristic to him," says Marinka Dobnik, owner of the Dobnik Chocolate Workshop, who made the idea of the Preseren fig a reality. After experimenting with various forms of fig candies she concluded that only original, properly dried, best quality Turkish figs gave the desired taste. Fige Presernove have, until now, been made more or less for exclusive customers but they are now being introduced into specially selected shops. The goal now is to focus particular attention on the promotion of Preseren's figs to tourists and visitors.


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