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Mobiles now main gateway for digital content


The study, carried out by the pollster Valicon and the digital agency Iprom in July and August, shows that the use of smart mobile phones is constantly growing.

Smart phones are used by 84% of Slovenian internet users, while the share stood at 57% in 2014, Matjaž Robinšak told the press on Thursday as he presented the survey.

Users still mostly use two devices, but the increased use of smart phones has resulted in a slight decrease in the use of desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

People mostly use the internet to read and check e-mail (63%), visit social networks (57%), browse web pages (52%) and catch up on news (50%).

The average use of TV is significantly lower than in 2014, with the reach standing at 47%, compared to 60% four years ago.

Television remains the media with the highest reach, but news portals, web pages and social networks are recording an increase in reach. Online shopping video calling is also on the increase.

According to Robinšak, there are significant differences between generations. Different, less linear patters of media consumption have been recorded in generation Z (up to the age of 21) and generation Y (between 22 and 35).

He believes that generation Z will change media consumption most drastically, as its favourite activity is the use of social networks (68%).

What separates this generation the most from the older generations is the popularity of video and video streaming platforms, such as YouTube (66%).

As users on average use at least two devices, which increases the overall consumption, investments in digital media and advertisement in these media is also increasing, by between 20% and 25% annually, added Leon Brenčič of Iprom.


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