The Slovenia Times

Winemakers happy about this year's bumper grape harvest


The harvest of red grape was slightly richer, with 8.6 tonnes picked per hectare until 5 September or 41,295 tonnes in total. Winemakers meanwhile picked 8 tonnes of white grapes per hectare for a total of 87,052 tonnes.

The harvest of late fruit varieties is also expected to be record high this year. The quantity of apples from intensive orchards is expected to be six times higher than last year's (81,193 tonnes) and 43% higher than the ten-year average.

In extensive orchards seven times more apples were produced than last year or 47,586 tonnes.

Pears also grew well, with 4,911 tonnes picked in intensive orchards, which is four times as much as in 2017. The harvest in extensive orchards is expected to be record breaking at 11,000 tonnes or 45.5 kilos per tree, which is 75% above the ten-year average.

The harvest of plums, blueberries and raspberries was similarly rich, exceeding last year's quantities several times.


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