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Slovenia 10th in UNICEF survey on equity in education


The survey examined equity in the education of children in three periods; preschool, primary school and secondary school, looking at the inclusion rate in the first period and at reading proficiency in the second and third.

It showed that the world's 41 most developed countries have at least 90% of their four- to five-year-olds included in preschool education. In 13 countries the share is 99% and in Slovenia 94%, which ranked it 28th in this category.

Major differences in reading proficiency were established in the survey for ten-year-olds, but Slovenia did better than the average, ranking 17th.

Major gaps were also found for secondary school students, with Slovenia doing even better here, ranking 10th.

The study confirmed socio-demographic factors continue to play an important role in the differences, and UNICEF called for securing quality access to pre-school education and for tackling differences related to gender and socio-economic status.


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