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From Time to Time- a Good Movie Comes Along



The title of this "no budget" film is in itself a game of words as it can be translated as "Here and there" or "From time to time". It is set in Kranj, Slovenia's fourth largest town, which has also been nicknamed Kranjsterdam as it's the country's Mecca for druggies. The central characters are four young "losers" that spend their days apathetically smoking marihuana after being faced with the cruel reality that you can't get a job with only a primary school education. Nevertheless, they have dreams and a real business plan, which leads them into borrowing a large sum of money from the local mafia boss. Unsurprisingly, they lose it all the following day and so begins their hazardous and innovative quest to get it back. And the clock is ticking, as they have to return the money, together with the interest, in seven days or else.... It was screened at the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) last year after having being declined by the Festival of Slovenian film because it did not have enough "artistic inspiration". Similarly, it was rejected several times by both the Slovenski filmski sklad (Slovenian Film Fund) and the Ministry of Culture. The artists particularly resented the attitude of the Film Fund that initially rejected their application for financial support on the grounds that their project was too risky and then refused to discuss the matter at all. The Film Fund has a history of rejecting films that have gone on to become very popular with the public: The Outsider and Kruh in mleko (Bread and milk), which was directed by Jan Cvitkovic and went on to win the 'golden lion' award at the Venice Film Festival, are just two of the better known examples. Tu pa tam is only starting its struggle for audience acceptance, however, with its relaxed and amusing storyline, black sense of humour and its amoral approach, it is highly likely that it will appeal to younger generations.


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