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Ljubljana-Jesenice railway will get EUR 400m upgrade


According to the plan, which was listed among the 2018-2021 development projects by the government on Tuesday, the upgrade will eliminate choke points, increase the capacity to allow for the expected increase in cargo transport, increase top speeds, and improve safety on the section.

Additionally, the upgrade will reduce noise levels, improve interoperability, and secure better coordination with road traffic in rush hours.

The project, estimated to be completed by 2025, will be implemented in several stages, depending on financing options and environmental and other matters pertaining to zoning plans.

The first stage involves drawing up blueprints and is valued at EUR 22.2m to be financed from the budget. For the project as a whole, financing options include EU funding and raising debt.

However, EU funds are above all available for projects on the core railway network at this time, which the Ljubljana-Jesenice section is not. On the other hand, the section is part of the TEN-T railway network.

The section, which connects Slovenia to Austria's Villach and further on to Munich in Germany, was built in 1870, with the most recent upgrades implemented 30 or more years ago.


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