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Max-Rent eyeing exhibition area manager Celjski Sejem


Holding a 15.3% stake in Celjski Sejem already, Max-Rent plans to publish a takeover bid for the remaining shares within 30 days, according to the intent published in the newspaper Delo on Friday.

The stock of Celjski Sejem consists of 614,019 ordinary shares, which are however not listed on the stock market.

Max-Rent is the company's second-largest owner, while the largest owner is the municipality of Celje with 24.9%.

Small shareholders hold 14.92% of the stock, 10.29% is held by the Celuks company and 10.16% by the OZS chamber of small business.

Celjski Sejem holds 8.82% of own shares, while its general manager Franc Pangerl is the owner of 6.79% and the Utilis company of 8.78%.

Max-Rent, which is led by BoĊĦtjan Marovt, has already notified of its plans all major stakeholders, including the target company, workers and regulators.

Celjski Sejem organises a number of fairs, including the Celje International Trade and Business Fair, the country's largest trade fair, which has a tradition of more than 50 years.


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