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PM expresses support to idea of raising minimum wage


All members of the Economic and Social Council must enter the dialogue, he said, regretting the fact that employers opposed the idea of raising minimum wage.

"Rejecting a dialogue in advance is never a good thing," he said, adding that a solution would be easier to reach if employers were actively involved in the talks.

The prime minister was asked whether he supported the Left's efforts to raise minimum wage by Matej T. Vatovec, an MP of the Left, which recently submitted a draft bill on minimum wage to parliament.

Vatovec said their proposal envisaged raising minimum wage to EUR 700 net by 2020, exclusion of all other transfers from minimum wage and the rule that minimum wage must exceed minimum living costs by at least 20%.

But the latter seems to be the most challenging provision, as a formula to calculate this is difficult to agree on, Ĺ arec said.

He added that he would meet employers personally to present them the efforts for passing the bill, which should be implemented as of next year.


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