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Exhibition raises awareness about honey bees


"She is personally fascinated by bees' extraordinary team work. It's not just that they are hard working, it's that they show that changes are possible only if we join our forces," the Maribor Youth Culture Centre says.

The exhibition entitled The Pollinating Collective showcases objects made from recycled every-day items such as handbags and gloves and presents them as tools for pollination.

They are adorned with feather and fur, because pollen sticks to such surfaces, and complemented with collages that demonstrate their use and the pollination process.

The exhibition, open until 10 January, is part of the Blind Date art convention taking place this month in Ljubljana, Kranj and Cerkno.

Lovšin (1970) obtained a PhD in visual arts from the Bauhaus University in Weimar in 2015. She is active at the KUD Obrat art collective.

She has had several exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, and has received several awards for her work, including the Golden Bird Award for achievements in fine arts and intermedia in 2011.


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