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Environment minister leaves Katowice with mixed feelings


The minister said that Slovenia would only back a proposal for the rulebook for implementing the Paris Agreement if it was ambitious enough.

The Katowice conference is considered one of the milestones on the path to the implementation of the 2015 Paris Agreement because it is set to produce the implementation rulebook.

Leben told the STA yesterday he expected Katowice to produce only a political statement, but not sufficient organisational and operational guidelines for the implementation of the Paris deal.

Reportedly, the biggest problem in drafting the rulebook is climate finance, because developed countries have failed to give enough funds to fight climate change to developing countries. They promised to allocate US$100bn a year for this goal, but have not yet succeeded in achieving it.

Meanwhile, the Slovenian minister also met Dutch Minister of Economy and Climate Policy Eric Wiebes in Katowice to discuss the new climate vision of the European Commission.

Leben said that the Netherlands "are a role model in drafting climate legislation", which is why he would visit the country in the spring to hear their experience in drafting their ambitious climate law, which envisages a 95% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050.


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