The Slovenia Times

Cerar's trip to Washington showed what US is interested in


On the right political pole in Slovenia, we have uncritical love for the US, and on the left profound doubt if not downright contempt for the country. But the truth is that Slovenia can have good relations both with Russia and the US, the paper says.

Cerar said the trip to the US was necessary because "for quite a few years not enough was done regarding the US at the top level."

"This means that Foreign Minister Cerar is trying to fix what had been done in foreign policy during Prime Minister Cerar.

"We either have a schizophrenic politician or foreign policy is a feud in the coalition horse trading which parties receive when the loot is divided and with it the chance to write the Slovenian foreign policy."

Top officials are not united on the country's foreign policy, which was proven recently, when the prime minister publicly criticised the president for receiving Catalan President Quim Torra.

Turning back to Cerra's visit to the US, the paper says that Washington talks again showed what the market niche of the Slovenian foreign policy is.

"Both National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were primarily interested in Slovenia's knowledge of and opinion on the Balkan pot," Delo says sunder the headline Difficult Balancing of Slovenian Foreign Policy.


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