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The 29th Traditional Living Nativity Scenes in Postojna Cave


The highlight of this year's Christmas and New Year's spectacle, during which Postojna Cave will be illuminated by 2,100 lights, will be a performance by Helena Blagne, Irena Yebuah Tiran and Alex Volasko. Other highlights of the 90 minute tour will include audio-visual effects by the Magic Theatre Serpentes and a one-of-a-kind Bolivian nativity by the academy-trained painter, Ejti Štih. During the festive season, visitors can also see a Solar Cell created by the artist, Eva Petrič, which will be charged at Postojna Cave's famous rocky exit. The signature feature of the artist's installations is the symbolism of lace. In late December, Postojna Cave Park will also host a traditional Christmas market and an exhibition of photos by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Ciril Jazbec.


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