The Slovenia Times

Postojna Cave to post yet another record year


The company operating the cave system expects its revenue to reach EUR 28.1m, a 13% increase over 2017, while its profit is to grow 29% year-on-year to EUR 8.3m.

What is more, on 14 August, 14,000 people visited the cave, the highest number recorded in a single day in its history.

Moreover, the cave is to welcome its 39-millionth visitor before the start of the next tourist season, Postojnska Jama boss Marjan Batagelj told the press on Thursday. Visitor numbers have been kept since 1819, when the cave was first open to the public.

Most of the visitors come from abroad. Nearly 14% come from Italy, followed by Germans and Slovenians. The cave also attracts many visitors from the Middle East, Korea, China and Japan.

During peak season, the cave operator employs a total of 450 people, however only 250 are employed year-round.


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