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What will be the focus of bilateral relations in 2019


In light of recent global trade tensions, it is obvious that we are facing the beginning of the end of neo-liberal euphoric globalism. Countries are putting their sovereignty and their own interests first and therefore prioritising their own needs over global issues. These changes are forcing countries to look at trade from a different perspective and consequently, bilateral trade agreements are on the rise.

As seen from the recent events in France, the ability to mobilise communities and oppose the hegemony of globalism, which only meets the needs of the wealthiest, is possible. It is becoming clearer that globalism brings profit only to corporations, with countries, people and the environment losing the game. At LSBC, the focus of bilateral relations has always been a win-win approach, seeking harmonisation between parties. In this sense, we are happy and proud to participate in the first LetzBiz - International Trade Days, taking place in December at the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg. As one the most proactive bilateral chambers, LSBC was invited to contribute to the program with a presentation of its best practice. This is recognition for LSBC as an active co-creator and part of the landscape of the latest trends in the internationalisation of SME's.


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