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"We expect the euro to stay weak against the U.S. dollar into mid-2019." You can read S&P's economic research on their view that "Euro Weakness Is Not Over Yet". According to the research, there is diverging monetary policy between the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, as well as political uncertainties in Europe, such as the Brexit negotiations, which are the main factors weighing on the currency. However, Europe is trying to stand on its own two feet in a fragile international order. Ms Shada Islam from one of Brussels most influential think-tanks, Friends of Europe, highlights in her interview that all of the challenges that we are facing on the global stage of 'America First', China rising, mean that many people across the world and within Europe are looking to Europe and its leadership. "It is time to actually take up the challenge of preserving and maybe reinventing a multinational order, keeping it alive so that international cooperation continues, so that we do not have national states fighting each other, because the idea of cooperation is very much a part of Europe's DNA", says Ms Islam. And while contemplating domestic and global issues, a thought from the great man, Nelson Mandela, crossed my mind - "Only free men can negotiate". 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and for 2019, my hope is to encourage you to create the stories that are a synonym for good work!


Tina Drolc
Editor in Chief


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