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Growth of "blockchain" community in BTC City Ljubljana


The trend has continued with new blockchain tenants in the BTC City Ljubljana with European Blockchain Hub as being one of the most recent tenants in the field. BTC City Ljubljana will continue to strengthen and expand the blockchain community and other stakeholders who are seeking opportunities in the sequencing technology of data blocks. A great opportunity in this area has also been recognised through mutual strategic integration.

In November, an exclusive workshop, How to design a system of traceability based on blockchain technology in your company for higher added value, was held at BTC City Ljubljana and organised by OriginTrail in cooperation with the BTC Company and GS1 Slovenia. This was the first such workshop in Slovenia, where participants were familiarised with blockchain technology, learned about the business aspects of introducing this kind of technology into a company and with the help of mentors designed a practical prototype for the introduction of blockchain technology to meet the needs of their own company.

Data Chain Synchronisation Technology - blockchain technology - represents the technology of the future. The exchange of information through blockchain technology will, in the coming years, fundamentally change business processes. According to Deloitte, for 41% of companies the introduction of blockchain is already one of the top 5 strategic activities. Some of the world's largest global companies such as Walmart, Alibaba, Amazon, Maersk, Allianz, Pfizer and many others, have already actively introduced blockchain technology into their business. One of such examples in Slovenia is also a pilot project, set up by OriginTrail and BTC Logistics Centre, which will enable its partners real-time inventory tracking. Being aware that companies that are fast enough to implement blockchain technology have an exceptional opportunity for a competitive advantage, they wanted to present practical knowledge to all interested companies through the organisation of the workshop.

The added value of the introduction of new technologies was recognised by participants from various companies in the field of innovation, from IT departments, logistics, sales and strategic marketing. At the workshop, they learned about the basics of blockchain technologies at the applied managerial level, understanding the importance of the GS1 international standards for the successful implementation of a blockchain pilot project, the use of advanced Blockchain Use Case CanvasĀ© and the proprietary platform for prototyping, and were given the proper guidance for developing their own ideas. The workshop was the first of such workshops, where companies could get insight into the functioning of blockchain technology and the implementation of the technology in their company based on a concrete business case.



Presentation of Slovenia within the Euro-Asian tours of European Blockchain Hub

The European Blockchain Hub (EUBC Hub*) organised a number of blockchain events and conferences within their Euro-Asian tour between 11 September and 16 November 2018, in various cities in Asia and Europe. An event also took place in Slovenia, where the European Blockchain Hub has its seat. The Euro- Asian Tour ends in January 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

"BTC City's harmonised area, consisting of varied programmes, target groups, as well as constructional, traffic, and technological infrastructure, has been recognised on the market as a stimuli-rich living lab environment for developing and testing all kinds of software and hardware solutions, also in the field of very promising blockchain technology. Joining our blockchain community will thus benefit the business partners involved and sooner or later also society as a whole."
Damjan Kralj, M.Sc., Member of the Management Board, Director of Sales and Marketing, BTC, d. d.

Slovenia, in particular, was presented as a tourist destination and a supporting country to the new technologies that build the land of the future. Slovenia was also presented as a host to many ICO companies and a focal point for the new hubs around the world that join the EUBC Hub. The start of the tour began in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 11 September 2018, and the last event will be on 16th of December in Singapore.

The tour summit featured an eventful series of sharing sessions by featured speakers, all of whom are experts and pioneers in the blockchain industry. They talked about their success stories and inspiring projects from their home countries centering around blockchain technology. As blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit toured the cities in Asia; Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei - the tour summit brought together 3,520 audiences with 22 honoured speakers, each representing prominent blockchain-based organisations such as BTC City Slovenia, MAXONROW, World of Sharing, WOS and MOGU, to name a few.

The EUBC HUB aims to champion blockchain technology for SDGs, as envisioned by the United Nations (UN) - the tour summit also seeks to develop a global relation worldwide with the objective to streamline an international standard of blockchain technology adoption, within various industries, for sustainable development.

To date, the EUBC HUB has brought Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Spain, Austria, Hong Kong and most recently Switzerland, onboard to elevate the industrial quality to accelerate the achievement of SDGs through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the respective countries. Additionally, EUBC HUB has established partnerships with 10 various non-profit organisations (NGOs), educational institutions, pioneering entrepreneurs and government bodies such as the United Nations (UN), the BTC Company (Slovenia), Deloitte, the Slovenian Tourist Board, Creative Hive and MakeFamous, to name a few. These partnerships have created mutual understanding for future possibilities together. EUBC HUB is proudly supported by the sponsorship of four organisations; namely WOS, Relianz Chain and SunContract, from various industries worldwide and is always seeking possible partnerships and support.

*EUBC HUB is an independent organisation that champions blockchain technology for transparent, democratic, decentralised and safe business operations headquartered in BTC City Ljubljana. EUBC HUB first established its presence as a pioneer in the blockchain industry in May 2018, with the aim to advocate the development of smart regulation for blockchain development and digital entrepreneurship eco-systems at EU institutions, EU Member States and other countries.


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