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Slovenia wraps up presidency of UN Human Rights Council


Looking back on the stint, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday this had been one of Slovenia's biggest international projects of 2018 and one which resulted in a package of measures that makes the UNHRC more nimble and effective in addressing international human rights challenges.

These measures will help UNHRC "tackle challenges that are not in short supply despite 70 years having passed since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights," the ministry said, adding that Slovenia's key presidency achievement was the strengthening of trust and dialogue.

Specifically, it singled out the creation of a mechanism to collect and analyse evidence on mass human rights violations of the Rohingya in Myanmar and the adoption of a resolution on the state of human rights in Venezuela.

"We are happy to conclude that efforts over the past year have resulted in the international community paying more attention to this important UN body."

Slovenia has been a vocal supporter of the UNHRC since its inception in 2006 and a member for much of its existence. The government has already decided to seek membership of the UNHRC in 2026-2028.


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