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Year 2019 crucial for govt, economy, Delo says


In 2019, Slovenians will live on average better than last year, as domestic and foreign macroeconomic forecasters expect the good times to continue.

Slovenia's economy is expected to do well as several of its segments, not just one, are in a good shape, Delo says, listing export-oriented companies, the construction sector, private consumption and government spending.

But when forecasting upbeat economic trends, both the domestic and foreign institutions never forget to lists risks, such as trade wars, a chaotic Brexit, indebtedness.

Some of them downgraded their forecasts already in the autumn, and worst-case scenarios coming true could mean a lot of trouble for the global and Slovenian economies.

Slovenia has high public debt, a shortage of trained staff and hi-tech products, unfavourable demographic trends and low productivity.

"So this year ... is perhaps crucial for the government and economy. Crucial for them to do the homework they have failed to do so far, or else the year could well end with less optimism than we have today," Delo concludes its commentary Entering New Year with Optimism.


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