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And by Andraž: For those who are looking for something unique


Named after Nataša's son, Andraž

The story of the brand, And by Andraž, began in 1989 when Nataša Berginc graduated from her technology of textile studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology in Ljubljana and decided to make a bold move. At only 22 years of age, with the support of her parents, she started her own company and designed her own brand, which she named after her son who was born that same year. "I started my business because I wanted to combine my passion for design and my love of sport," says Berginc. "We wanted our brand to go international and so we decided on an English brand name so that it would be easier for foreigners." According to the director of And by Andraž, their customers are active individuals and those who like a sporty style but seek something different and unique - something extra, something that is very high quality, durable and elegant enough to wear at non-sporting events.

Certified with only the best materials

The company is especially proud of its ambassadors, top athletes, from Filip Flisar, Tim Mastnak, Blaž Janc, Tilen Kodrin to Nevena Ignjatović and a cyclist from the best non-professional club in Slovenia - JB team. "Our ambassadors represent all aspects of the brand and they help us improve our clothes," reveals Berginc. They are the first to test the clothes and report back on the functionality of the designs and the durability of the materials. Slovenian buyers are quite demanding and the quality of the product is extremely important to them. "All of the materials are made in the European Union and all have certificates of excellence, because we are aware that materials are the most important part of the sportswear. We are loyal to our materials, but we look for new materials as well." Scientists are quite interested in materials and are always looking for improvements and innovations in this field. "There are a lot of novelties. Scientists are trying to find the way of how to heat the body through solar cells, which will provide additional heating in the cold mountains. There are more and more materials with UV-protection and new pigments, and more environmentally friendly and skin-friendly materials. We always use materials that are dyed in Europe, as European legislation prohibits the use of dyes that are aggressive and harmful to the environment and users." Berginc is proud that they are a very environmentally friendly company, always striving for the preservation of our planet. "For us, recycling is very important. All of our waste materials are sorted and donated to institutions such as schools, kindergartens ... We could say we have less waste than a large family!"

Footstep in the fashion world

The brand is not afraid of the fashion world either and tries to combine the functionality of the clothes with the latest trends in fashion. Since active and sports fashion is one of the fastest growing segments in the market today, they have teamed up with professional designers. Last year they worked with the young and talented fashion designer, Sari Valenci, who gained her fashion experience in Sweden and Los Angeles. "I met Sari through common friends and was instantly impressed by her boldness and difference. Her style of work has perfectly integrated into our story," said Berginc. With their collection, Sari Valenci for And by Andraž presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana (MBFWLJ), they entered the fashion world. In November they showed their new collection, Neon future, at this year's Ljubljana Fashion Week (LJFW), which is a collection of attractive colours and designs of multifunctional pieces for skiing, with certificates of excellence, and allows diverse combinations that can also be included in street fashion.


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