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Govt appoints new supervisors of Koper rail project


The cabinet relieved chief supervisor Samo Logar and board member Marko Jaklič of their duty upon their wish at a correspondence session, replacing them with Pirc and Damijan Brulc.

The government, which is embarking on the construction of a new railway track between the Koper port and the inland Divača hub, said Pirc would be representing the Infrastructure Ministry and Bulc the Finance Ministry on what is a five-member board.

The appointment comes after the supervisory board appointed Dušan Zorko and Marko Brezigar as members of what is now a three-member management at the end of last year.

The two joined Žarko Sajič, who has been running the company as director since June. It was announced then that the supervisory board would also appoint a general director at the next regular session.

After delays, which included referendum initiatives, 2TDK hopes to wrap up in 2019 the financial plan and the remaining preparations for the launch of the mega project.


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