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a surprise. As he says himself: "You must never be afraid of the risk, no matter what!" He has always been someone to do something special. In the conservative suburb where he grew up, he wore his hair long, listened to the Beatles and organized a photo exhibition featuring portraits of nude women, which forced his mother to stay indoors for a week. She has probably forgiven him by now! Once a Challenge, Always a Challenge His story has an unexceptional beginning. He started his career as an economist, but his love for aeroplanes, his urge to create and his drive and follow through have led him all the way to the stars. Almost literally. He has devoted his life to aviation. He has been the Aeronautical Association of Slovenia's Sportsman of the Year several times, he is their reigning national champion in the ultra-light category, a title he has held several times in the past, and an exceptional aircraft designer. When ultra-light aircraft initially appeared on the world stage, Ivo Boscarol was the first person in the former Yugoslavia to appreciate that this method of aviation could provide an alternative to expensive and generally awkward air travel. He wrote articles for professional publications, organised air shows featuring motorized gliders and ultra-light aircraft (which were banned at the time) and became engaged in the creation of the legislation covering this form of aviation, which resulted in the legalization of the sport both in the former Yugoslavia and Slovenia. He is not satisfied with the average; therefore his aircraft are unique. They have parallel pilot and passenger seats, something which came about because of his ability to deliver practical solutions. "The reason is very simple. Pilots of ultra-light aircraft fly for pleasure, as opposed to glider pilots who fly mostly for self-confirmation. It's true that the traditional (front and back) seating arrangement reduces drag and improves performance, but pilots of ultra-light planes would not exchange that for the comfort of being able to interact with the passenger," Ivo explained. Innovation Everywhere Ivo Boscarol likes to improve his mind with innovations. He is one of the few great innovators and organizers capable of marrying technology and marketing. His global success is based on a specific and carefully planned marketing strategy. One of his first big breakthroughs was his innovative approach to badges, which were then almost completely unknown in our market. Boscarol expanded the business to such an extent that badges became an indispensable extra at every event and a mark of identification for campaigns such as Slovenija moja dezela. He likes his country so much that he is seriously concerned for its welfare. So much so in fact, that some time ago, he suggested the government adopt a very unusual proposal. He suggested that childless couples should pay some sort of 'singles tax', explaining: "It would not actually be a tax on single people, but for couples who don't want to take care of any progeny. The tax would hit couples aged between 25 and 50, that don't have children." The proposal took many by surprise and many didn't bother taking it seriously at all. Anyhow, it is just another example of how Ivo Boscarol is a master of breaking out of the mould. As far as politics is concerned, he says he has never been attached to any of the political parties: "People from where I come from in Ajdovscina are confused. People from the Democratic Peoples Party made me a special symbolic stone for my success; my plane was baptized by the Christian Peoples Party and through the newspapers they saw me pictured with representatives of the Slovenian Democratic Party. I don't quite get it, why such interest after all this time. But I like to talk with as many different and interesting people as I can, so it doesn't really matter." The Sky is the Limit Pipistrel employs a mere twenty people who produce one aircraft a week, most intended for export. More than 50 % of their sales are made outside of Europe. In 2003, Ivo Boscarol was declared Entrepreneur of the Year. He also holds multiple national championship titles in flying ultra-light aircraft, has been declared Sportsman of the Year in the ultra-light aircraft category several times, and won the World Constructor's Championship in Spain. He is a glider pilot, a test pilot and a flying instructor. He takes part in the construction of the aircraft and plays an active role in municipal and national politics. As a teenager he claimed he was going to be the best golfer in the world, the best film producer and the best pilot. He actually produced some of the best films; some of them were even nominated for Oscars. His golf career went pear-shaped, but he is now one of the world's most successful aircraft designers. His internet site is rich with articles from all over the globe. His aircraft can be found in most countries throughout the world, especially in Europe. Sinus aircraft fly in Australia, Japan, Africa and Central America, and are a model for other designers. They also feature on the front pages of the world's leading aeronautics magazines. Many say there is no such a thing as a magic formula to success. But Ivo has it: "I think there is one. It is called hard work in the long run. An overnight success is a fairytale. It only happens in the United States. One day you are a star, the next day you don't exist. The real success in life comes slowly, step by step!"


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