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Doubts mount in wake of Moravče eco disaster claims


The National Environment Inspectorate is expected to inspect the Moravče site, located in an abandoned quartz sand quarry, within a fortnight to establish whether it in fact contains hazardous waste from the site of the fire that ravaged the Kemis waste-processing facility near Vrhnika almost two years ago.

The claims were made by Moravče Mayor Milan Balažic at a press conference last week after he already set them out in a written complaint in late December to Environment Minister Jure Leben. Leben sent the complaint on to the Environment Inspectorate and ordered a probe.

The allegations have been denied by Kemis as well as by Termit, the company operating the Moravče site, while the Geological Survey of Slovenia rejected Balažic's claims that its probing of the site had been misleading and conducted in an unprofessional way.

In response to "inappropriate finger pointing between various institutions in the country", Leben today ordered new independent measurements and analysis of new samples from the ground. The independent analysis is designed to appease the people Moravče, who "justifiably know not any more whom to trust".

In a press release the ministry said that Leben made a point of saying that the cost of the analysis will be paid for from the taxpayer's money so the ministry would sue Moravče for damages should its complaint turn out to be false.


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