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Slovenia's food safety system seen as exemplary


The auditors examining national food testing focussed on the testing for chemical hazards that food products must go through before they are offered to consumers and found supervision to be too weak.

However, Slovenia was highlighted as an example of best practice because national authorities are testing food for additives and aromas in addition to pesticides and veterinary medicines.

The general findings for Slovenia are similar as for other countries: the auditors found the European food safety model good but with insufficient funding for an effective system of oversight.

The legal framework for addressing chemicals in food, fodder, plants and animals is not being fully implemented yet. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is dealing with backlogs, which affects the entire system, the Court of Auditors said.

Consumers were advised to read the contents labels on food products and choose those with shorter lists of ingredients to be safe.

The auditors also warned that no comprehensive study had been conducted yet on the impact of chemicals on human health, probably because the effects are not immediate.


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