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Setting up a company, part 3



How to set up a company? We asked around. Obviously we wanted to do it as cheaply as possible, but all the advice suggested a price of around 1000 euros. We even considered buying an existing company from an acquaintance, as he was not using it. But he wanted 500 euros for it and we did not know if it was worth the risk at that price. Finally we consulted with two very good friends. Jasmina got us some information for us from the computer. In Slovene. After studying it closely, we went to see Metka who told us what we should do with it. We needed a lawyer to draft a contract and a notary to notarise it. We had to have court approval for the name. My partner checked the name "Srecni Slon" with the court and as it did not exist and was in Slovene, was acceptable (Latin is also acceptable for names). We decided to use the local notary to draft the contract and then notarise it. We found them very helpful and interested in our project. We had to come back with a translation of the details page of our passports from an official translator and a note from the tax office confirming we did not owe tax. We returned with these, all acquired at a cost of course, and the contract was drafted. We had to consider very carefully what type of work our company might want to do as this had to be included in the details. We suggested everything we could think of and our list ran into two pages. The next step was to take the contract into the notary himself. Normally it would be read out to us but as both of us were non-Slovene, we were told that a translator would read it out to us in English (to be paid for, of course). We made changes where necessary and signed it. The notary, when paid, offered to push it through the court for us as quickly as possible and we were told it would take about 10 days. In between we had to open a company bank account and lodge 2,100,000 SIT. Proof of this account was required for the court. Once we had court approval, we then had to take several trips round town again. A visit to the tax office to get a tax number. We had to take the tax number to the bank to open another account. The bank account number then had to go back to the tax office. Another place to register (some sort of company register?) and we had to get a company stamp. Without this we could not do anything. Finally we had to tell the tax office who our accountant was. Within 10 days. What accountant?


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