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One in six smart phone users use no security software


In a survey carried out at the beginning of the 2019 and relating to the last 12 months, 57% of smart phone users said they had used a security software which was pre-installed or offered together with the operating system.

Some 10% of users installed a security software themselves, 16% did not use it, while 20% did not know whether any security software was installed in their smart phones or not.

Half of those who used both the internet and a smart phone restricted or blocked the apps installed on their phones from accessing their personal information at least once. Some 29% never did that while 8% had no idea that this is possible.

Age-wise, the group which was the most aware in this respect is the 16-24 age group, where this share stood at 66%, while the 65-74 age group was the least aware of personal data protection on their phones (29%).

Only four out of 100 users of smart phones lost all data on their phones due to viruses or other malicious software.

A majority of users used their user name and password for authentication, while a third used their accounts for social networks also for other services.

One-quarter used codes received by SMS, one-fifth used digital certificates, and around one-sixth used one-time password generators.

According to the Statistics Office, 87% of households had access to the internet, which was regularly used by 80% of persons aged between 16 and 74.

In 85% of the cases, they accessed the internet via smart phone, which was the most popular means of accessing the internet for the youngest generation, and the least popular among the oldest generation.


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