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Govt rejects Magna permit appeal, trial run to be delayed nonetheless


The ministry confirmed for the commercial broadcaster POP TV on Thursday that the appeal, filed by the Regional Environmental Association of Environmentalists (ROVO), had been rejected.

However, Magna can only launch its trial run 30 days after the decree had been received by all the parties of the procedure and only if none of them take the case to the Administrative Court.

ROVO head Gorazd Marinček has however made it clear earlier this week that he would challenge the environmental permit in Administrative Court.

Magna said that it was not surprised that ROVO's appeal was rejected, as it had met all the demands and was also doing its best to meet the expectation of NGOs.

However, the company pointed out that it was still unable to launch operations. The test run play is a significant part of Magna's obligations to its business partners.

"The plant and its team are ready to start working," the company said of its team of 200 staff hired by the Hoče plant.

Marinček on the other hand reiterated that Slovenia must respect its own waters act which prohibits the construction of facilities such as paint shops in designated water protection areas.

He proposed that the government amend the legislation and advised Magna to request an interim 6-month operating permit, which would allow it to launch operations despite the lawsuit.

He also told the STA on Thursday that he was being subjected to great pressure, with messengers arriving from all over the country, offering him EUR 10,000 to drop the appeal.


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