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Inquiry into funding of parties from abroad gets down to business


The inquiry decided to urge the Court of Audit to provide it with its findings about financial operations of political parties, chair Jani Möderndorfer from the coalition Modern Centre Party (SMC) told the press.

The MPs would like to learn about any wrongdoing the court discovered as part of its checks of the parties' accounts between 1 January 2014 and 20 December 2018.

This means the commission could expand its probe onto other parties if irregularities or suspicion of breaking the law has been established in any other party.

He noted the Court of Audit is the only auditor and supervisor of political parties' finances as set down by the law on political parties.

The commission will also have to obtain documents from abroad, which Möderndorfer believes could make its job harder.

The commission will not produce an interim report, as has been customary before, but only the final report.

It will first scrutinise NKBM to finish the work of the inquiry into alleged money laundering at the Maribor-based bank from the previous parliament's term, and then take on political parties.

A list of witnesses to be interviewed is yet to be complied, but Möderndorfer indicated witnesses from abroad could also be invited to parliament.

The inquiry was set up on 20 December upon the request of coalition parties and the opposition Left, and its members were appointed at the end of January.

It was prompted by reports about allegedly suspicious financing of the SDS from Hungary, whereas the party accused the proponents of an attempt to hamper its work.

As Möderndorfer said back then, there was controversy about the financial support companies with alleged ties to Hungarian ruling parties provided to some Slovenian media and its effect on the election campaign.

He mentioned the broadcaster Nova24TV, the tabloid Škandal24 and the weekly Demokracija, which are directly or indirectly owned to varying degrees by SDS officials and Hungarian investors.


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