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MEP Fajon to top SD's European Parliament election slate


Fajon, who has served as MEP since 2009, was elected to the European Parliament in 2014 from the second place on the list by means of preference votes, beating the then party president, Igor Lukšič, who topped the list.

The party's presidency also decided on Monday that Fajon will be followed by parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee chair Matjaž Nemec, Justice Ministry State Secretary Dominika Švarc Pipan and another deputy, Milan Brglez at fourth place.

Placing fifth will be Neva Grašič from the party's youth wing, who is also a vice-president of the Young European Socialists, the umbrella organisation for socialist and social democratic youth in Europe.

She will be followed by the president of the SD's elderly wing Franc Hočevar, former Defence Minister Ljubica Jelušič, who is a vice-president of the Slovenian WWII Veterans' Association, and Murska Sobota Mayor Aleksander Jevšek, a former Slovenian police commissioner.

The list features two international law experts, apart from Švarc Pipan also MP Brglez, who joined the SD after defecting from the Modern Centre Party (SMC) soon after last year's general election. Ever since he joined the SD, there has been speculation that he would like to get elected MEP.

With its list of candidates the party would like to push for a vision of Europe based on equality, solidarity, freedom of thinking, responsibility, justice, the rule of law, sustainable development and security.

"This will be our Europe, a Europe for all people, not just for the chosen ones," the SD said, with Židan adding they would not go along a Europe which is not capable of unanimously condemn fascism.

Židan said the slate featured well-known and competent names. "With a strong list of candidates, we want to show we care for the EU," said Židan, convinced the party will do well in the elections.

The party believes in a solidarity-based Europe which unites, he said adding they considered it important that "only parties which point to dangers on time and react to them should be elected to the European Parliament".

He noted the SocDems were the first to "defend Slovenia" after European Parliament President Antonio Tajani had made revisionist statements in Italy's Basovizza. He said their petition for Tajani's resignation had so far been signed by more than 25,000 European citizens.

Similarly, Fajon hopes that with the candidates the party has fielded, it is realistic to expect the SD would win at least two seats in the EU parliament.

While proud to top the slate, Fajon believes this is also a major responsibility. She said the Social Democrats would try to re-establish Europe which will promote peace, solidarity, democracy, dignity and social justice.

The list of candidates has to be endorsed by the party's electoral convention, which will be held in mid-March, but this is expected to be a formality.


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