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To The Streets!



For starters, the organisers of the festival are staging many of the uniquely entertaining street performances that have already captivated more than 170,000 spectators, in previously unexplored venues in some of the less frequented parts of town such as Argentski and Miklosicev parks and Nazorjeva ulica. And secondly, and more importantly, this year the festival will run for 5 days instead of 4, giving us an extra day of sunshine to enjoy the events. The main aim of the festival however remains the same - over 100 performances at 12 different venues will strive to challenge, inform and test the boundaries of intercultural and interpersonal communication. Twelve international acts from France, Russia, Great Britain, the USA, Italy, Germany, Croatia and Spain, as well as over 30 Slovenian troupes will perform on Ljubljana's streets. Among the main attractions will be the French group Les Sangles with their humorous and acrobatic Anti-Pollution Brigade, the Italian company Teatre en Vol with Guernica, and Teater Baengditos from Germany, which features an international cast of fire-fighters donned with suits, pyrotechnic equipment and of course humour in the show Guardian Angels. However, Ana Desetnica isn't just all fun and games... this year organisers have coordinated several different events within the festival that are geared towards stimulating open communication. A demonstration is scheduled for the afternoon hours of 1st July, although it may be a bit different to the demonstrations we are used to seeing on TV; communication is what this one is all about with a set artistic programme and a plea for demonstrators to speak their minds in a civilized and tolerant manner. MasinA is the Slovene acronym for a group of students participating in their own Ana Desetnica programme - Young Alternative Student's Initiative for Ana Performances, which came about after the realization that there had been very little collaboration with student bodies in previous years. This year, 6 student groups are set to perform. Cauhtaun is a regular feature of Ana Desetnica where 'alternative' theatrical and musical performances are welcomed. Originally intended as an outlet for handicapped performers, it has now expanded to be far more inclusive - a wheelchair race is included in this year's programme - and is set for 2nd July in Ploscad Ajdovscina. Many other supplementary activities will also be taking place, such as international street theatre and photography workshops, an urban comic strip competition and an Eunetstar photo exhibition. If you prefer to stray outside Ljubljana, Ana Desetnica will follow. Performances will appear as part of the Lent Festival in Maribor, with individual performances to follow in Novo mesto, Sostanj, Kranj, Nova Gorica and Kamnik. More Ana Desetnica information can be found at or in the festival pamphlets that will be circulating within the next few days. Until then, get ready to be part of the crowd that will undoubtedly beat last year's record attendance of 26,000. Bring it on...


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