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Šarec hails progress in EU-Arab League cooperation


The two-day summit at the Egyptian Red Sea resort, which concluded on Monday, saw EU and Arab League leaders commit to closer cooperation and to start of a new era of cooperation in different domains.

Slovenia's prime minister addressed panels on enhancing the Euro-Arab partnership and addressing global challenges together.

He noted the rich history of cultural, economic and political links between Europe and the Arab world. He also noted the shared concerns related to regional development and global issues such as humanitarian crises, illegal migration, threats of radicalisation, international terrorism and climate change.

According to a press release from the government, Šarec also spoke about Slovenia's successful cooperation with Arab League members in various humanitarian and development projects.

He singled out ITF, the Slovenian-run international non-profit organisation devoted to the elimination of threats from post-conflict and disruptive challenges and rehabilitation of victims.

He also spoke about the importance of close and open cooperation in tackling the situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"It is in our shared interests to prevent a further deterioration of what is already a complicated situation. Mutual trust is important there, and the pre-condition for it is respecting agreements and international law," he was quoted as saying.

Šarec also called for closer cooperation in response to migration challenges, saying that by improving cooperation the countries could create a framework for humane and sustainable management of migration as defined in the Valletta joint action plan.

He said that the social and economic development of both regions should remain a priority, something that should be achieved through the regions' greater commitment to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030 "respecting human dignity, human rights, the rule of law, democracy and environment, which are key to our progress".


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