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Parliamentary committee approves of culture minister candidate


The new bill, which he wants to see passed this year, would provide funds that would "not only put out fires on neglected infrastructure" but also allow Slovenia to catch up with Europe in terms of digitalisation in culture.

Another big task for this year would be drafting new media legislation, according to Poznič, since the existing legislation does not include all of the new technologies and new communication possibilities.

Thus his team would upgrade the legislation, adding the required contents and limiting hate speech, which currently goes unsanctioned on the internet and elsewhere, he said.

Moreover, Poznič would draft a new National Culture Programme. He believes this is a demanding task but sees no reason why it should not be achieved through dialogue.

He believes that several key tasks will be needed in order for Slovenian culture to find a way "to develop and persevere as a very special, small community" in a changing Europe.

He believes this can only be done with less red tape, simpler decision-making processes and by taking responsibility.

Other issues on Poznič's list of priorities include the precarious situation of those self-employed in culture and the digitalisation of cultural heritage.

Responding to the questions of the committee members, Poznič agreed that it is necessary to secure dignified retirement to culture workers, while he also backed some ongoing local initiatives, notably the central library in Maribor.

As to the relations at the ministry, he said bringing them in order would be a key task for him. He also believes it is time to overhaul the way the ministry is reorganised.

Shortly after Poznič, the head of a culture centre, was announced as candidate for new culture minister, warnings were raised about a potential conflict of interests. His Delavski Dom Trbovlje has applied funds given out by the ministry, with the decision still pending.

Poznič started off his presentation today by reading a statement that he would exclude himself from any proceedings related to the call for bids if he were to be appointed minister.

To his knowledge, the ministry also requested recommendations on conduct from the corruption watchdog for the case he became minister.

If appointed, Poznič will succeed Dejan Prešiček, who had been praised for bringing fresh impetus to the department but was forced to resign in January after allegations surfaced that he bullied an employee who committed suicide.

His presentation was held at the outset of a session of the National Assembly during which he is expected to be appointed minister. The chair of the committee Violeta Tomić announced the vote could be held this Friday.


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