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Tomič to top the Left's EU election slate


The Left will present the list of eight candidates at its congress on Saturday. Mesec will be last on the list, running as a support candidate, he said, adding that the voters will be the ones to decide who will become an MEP.

There is a possibility that Mesec gets elected if he receives enough preference votes. However, he said he would prefer to stay in Slovenia because "there is a lot of work to be done here".

He also denied speculation that there had been infighting in the party about the candidates list. He said that the decision on the candidate list was "practically consensual", adding that the goal was to get one MEP.

Mesec also commented on an agreement the Left plans to sign with the coalition parties before the National Assembly is scheduled to vote on the supplementary budget for this year and the next.

The document consists of a cooperation protocol and a list of projects of the coalition, he said. The Left is the minority coalition's partner in the opposition.

The Left will take over projects targeting precarious forms of work, housing policy and some aspects of fiscal policy, according to Mesec.

Moreover, the Left and coalition partners will strive to find consensus on guidelines in healthcare, fiscal policy and future budgets.

The agreement will expectedly be signed on Tuesday or Wednesday after it is approved by the individual coalition partners. The document will be signed for the period of a year.


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