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Gorenje director announces hiring but does not exclude layoffs


The previous Gorenje CEO said in an interview with Delo that Hisense had not only taken over the location and brands last June but also Gorenje's talent pool. Hisense is going international also in this field, he explained.

Bobinac does not fear for jobs in the production. "All that we are working on will bring even more production to this location," he said.

Last year was ground-breaking for Gorenje, according to him. The strategic process was quick and efficient, and both shareholders and the management were happy at the end, he said.

"Hisense Group is not only progressive in terms of development but also extremely fast, efficient and goal-oriented ... I think that's useful, because under its wing we'll be able to grow faster and change faster."

Gorenje was recently reorganized from a public limited company into a limited liability company and Bobinac was appointed managing director and the chairman of the committee of directors. The committee consists of three Slovenians and four Chinese.

"It's not about who's whose, because the top jobs will continue to be performed by those who are the best."

According to Bobinac, Gorenje has a clear strategy to develop the brand in Europe, particularly in eastern Europe and Russia. Hisense will, meanwhile, develop its brand further in the west and complement it with certain products from Gorenje.

"In television and mobile phones, we will increasingly use the Hisense brand, because it is global in these fields, for example sponsoring football and some global stories. Hisense is becoming a serious rival of Samsung and LG in these fields."

Bobinac is, however, not happy with last year's business results, which the company will present in April. "We're not happy with them, but in a way they are understandable, because last year was indeed transitional and the entire company focussed on the strategic process.

"The search for a strategic owner was the reason why we had big oscillation both in the sales and purchasing markets," Bobinac said, adding that some accounting adjustments also had to be made after the takeover, which affected the results.


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