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New CAP will bring challenges for Slovenian agriculture


Addressing the 46th annual meeting, which this year focuses on agricultural policy after 2020, Šarec said that he had personal experience with farm work. "I know what farming is, I know what healthy food is and I know what hard work is," he said.

After joining the EU, Slovenia tightened the rules on farming more than it was necessary, Šarec said, but stressed that all problems could not be solved by the state. He said the regulations that had not been imposed by EU directives would be simplified.

He noted that talks on the 2021-2027 financial framework were under way, where Slovenia might see a 15% drop in funding for agriculture. Fearing that this percentage could rise further, Slovenia would like the framework to be passed as soon as possible.

But funds alone are not enough, farms should cooperate and connect with each other, especially if they want to enter foreign markets, the PM said.

Agriculture Minister Aleksandra Pivec said the new financial perspective and the reform of the CAP brought new challenges. More will need to be done with less funds and projects will have to be goal-oriented, she said.

The Agriculture Ministry will present at the end of the month a resolution on the development of Slovenian agriculture that will be the basis for the implementation the CAP, she said.

Among the current priorities of Slovenian agriculture, Pivec highlighted sustainability, diversity of production methods and products, tradition, attachment to land and preservation of farm land across the country.

Slovenian agriculture can be competitive and resilient only if it specialises in higher added value products, Pivec said. This entails know-how, technology and competitive food processing industry, she added.


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