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Renewable power self-supply scheme expanded


This in effect means that inclusion in the self-suply scheme, in which consumers only pay for the difference between the power used and generated, will no longer be restricted to owners of single-apartment buildings or business buildings, it will also be available to various types of communities.

These include residents of multi-household residential buildings as well as residents in households located close to each other.

It will for instance be possible to install a solar array on the roof of an adjacent building, for example a kindergarten or a fire station, and the power it produces will be considered as produced by the community which had set it up.

What is more, users will no longer have to own the power station but will also be able to rent it.

Another novelty highlighted for the press by Infrastructure Minister Alenka BratuĊĦek is the possibility to sell potential surpluses.

"However, the goal remains self-supply. This is not an economic activity but the production of electricity for own needs," she stressed, explaining the size of the installations would be limited.


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