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Location: Ljubljana - Koper motorway, exit Divaca. Toward Koper, then left to Skocjan. 4km from the motorway, well sign-posted. The entrance is at Matavun, at the road, only 400m from Skocjan. Visiting hours: Jun to Sep daily: tours at a.m.: 10, 11:30, p.m.: 2, 3, 4, 5.; 90min Classification: Karst cave, river cave. Dimension: L=5,100m. Skocjanske jame are in a regional park under protection because of their rich natural heritage. They are a great complex of caves and have deep vertical-sided collapse dolinas where the Reka River sinks. After running across the bottom of the dolines, Velika dolina and Mala dolina, the Reka flows into the mouth of the main Skocjanska jama cave, remaining underground until it reappears at the springs of the Timavo river 58 km away on the far side of Trieste. Only some small parts of this enormous cave system are known as the cave of Skocjan, then the Abisso di Trebiciano, the Grotta di Gabrovizza and the Grotta Gigante. These cave systems consists of numerous levels, some even below sea level. The tour demands 4.5 km walk and then more than one hour in the cool humidity of the cave with different descents and ascents of almost 130 m. Visitors can use a funicular, a cable car, which brings visitors from the dolina below Skocjan to the rim. Nevertheless good walking shoes are recommended. Jama Vilenica (Vilenica Cave) Location: Near Sezana. On the road from Sezana to Lokev, 7km from Sezana, 10km W of Triest (Italy). Open: May to Sep - Sundays and Holidays; tours at 10 a.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m.; 60min For groups of ten or more: every day by prior arrangement. Classification: Karst cave. Cretaceous limestone Dimension: L=1,300m, HD=179m, T=10


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