The Slovenia Times

Investment in digital ads expected to rise by 25% this year


Iprom said on Monday that 68% of the 214 surveyed decision-makers on the Slovenian advertising and marketing scene said they would increase the budget for digital advertising this year. 29% said they would leave it on par with last year's.

Data obtained in the AdEx international survey suggests companies and organisations in Slovenia invested EUR 47.2m in digital advertising in 2017. Simon Cetin of Iprom assessed that the figure will easily exceed EUR 60m this year.

The Slovenian survey meanwhile showed social media will be used this year as a platform by 82% of those investing in digital advertising. Search engine marketing will be used by 77%, and display advertising by 73%.

Display advertising is expected to account for the largest share of the investments, 29%, followed by search engine marketing, at 24%.

The service sector will spend the most on digital advertising, EUR 352,000 on average, followed by the retail (EUR 291,000) and tourism sectors (EUR 233,000).


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