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Investment environment in Slovenia


The AmCham Investment Committee is aware of the importance of sustainable and high-quality investments that would enable the state to develop further and bring new jobs with higher added value by opening of high-tech companies and development centres. We emphasize that FDI should not mean foreign direct investment alone, but foreign and domestic investments combined, so we are pleased that the law has equalised both types of investment. An investor is an investor regardless of where they come from, and it is only right that they all enjoy the same benefits. At the same time, we emphasize that it is necessary to address attracting and creating new opportunities for investment strategically and with concrete steps. The steps we consider necessary include an increase in the efficiency of institutions, especially agencies, an increase in the efficiency of bureaucracy and an increase in the predictability of the legal system. Investors are also concerned with the decreasing talent pool in Slovenia, which is due to population ageing and the emigration of young people. In addition to making changes in the financial markets and the tax system, which should be more pro-business, it is crucial that we manage talents efficiently and that we are in line with the changes that are necessary in the labour market.


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