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Govt adopts decree for Koper rail expansion


This is another key document needed to launch the largest publicly funded construction project in the coming years, which is to cost around one billion euro.

According to the office, the decree on the concession for the construction and management of the 27-km track is the basis for the concession relationship between the state and 2TDK.

Its most important part is the distribution of risks among the state, which grants the concession, and 2TDK as the holder of concession and formal investor.

The risks are basically taken by 2TDK, whereas the state will assume them only in exceptional cases and up to the limit set in the decree.

Once the new track is built, 2TDK as the owner of the new infrastructure will be responsible to make it accessible.

It will also cover all costs of the manager of the new track, that is SŽ-Infrastruktura, a company from the Slovenian national railway company.

To provide for the track's accessibility, 2TDK will receive monthly payments from the state to pay for the loans taken out to build the track and cover its own costs.

Oversight will be carried out by state bodies and the Infrastructure Ministry, which will have an option of outsourcing certain tasks.

Once the concession expires, 2TDK will have to hand over all the infrastructure related to the second track to the state.

If this happens when the 45-year concession expires, the transfer will be free of charge.

If it happens earlier, the state will pay 2TDK a sum to repay the loans and to finance the company's costs until it is liquidated.

Following the endorsement of the investment plan in January and the recent launch of construction of access roads for the construction site, the next major step in kick-starting the project will be finalising its financial details.


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