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Novo Mesto boasts successful recycling project


According to the head of the Novo Mesto public utility, Gregor Klemenčič, eight municipalities from the Novo Mesto area which have 65,000 inhabitants participate in the project.

The municipalities produce 220 tonnes of waste drinks cartons a year.

In the Novo Mesto municipality, more than half of the residents take part in the project of the public utility Komunala and several other companies.

In the three years, they have recycled 105 tonnes of cartons or some 2.6 millions of one-litre waste milk and juice cartons to make two products that are used in the community.

Using innovative technology, developed by the Italian company Lucart Prosessional, they have been producing sanitary paper products out of the cartons and making paper products feeders out of the aluminium and polyethylene parts of cartons.

Thus, they have helped preserve 600 trees, which cover some 22 ares of forest.

The project was given a special commendation Highly Commended at the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos in the category the best governmental, city or regional circular economy projects.


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