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Slovenia's labour mobility below EU average


The highest mobility rates, showing the percentage of EU workers working in another EU country, were recorded in Romania (19.7%), Lithuania (14.8%) and Croatia (13.9%).

The lowest rates were recorded in Great Britain (1.1%) and Germany (1.0%), while they were also below average in Malta, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Czech Republic, Spain, France and Sweden.

The CEPS pointed to labour mobility bringing many economic advantages to the countries which get workers from other EU countries.

However, it also warned about its negative consequences, especially when only highly-trained workers leave, which leaves their homeland with fewer scientists and researchers and with a loss of tax revenue.

The CEPS said in the study, which was discussed by EU finance ministers at their informal meeting in Romania, the EU's labour mobility had doubled over the past decade.

And while the data for 2017 showed the 3.8% rate, the figure could further rise to 4% in 2018.


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