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Slovenian airline traffic up by 8% last year


The office noted in a press release on Friday that 12,363 tonnes of cargo were transloaded in the three airports, a figure 6% larger than the previous year. Almost all of the cargo was transported with scheduled flights.

The majority of passengers travelled through the Ljubljana airport, 92% of those by scheduled flights.

Scheduled services transported 15% of all passengers to Germany and the UK each, according to the Statistics Office.

The biggest increase in passenger numbers during the past year was once again reported in flights to the Netherlands. These increased in airline traffic by a third. Flights to Austria showed the biggest decrease, by 5%.

Some 62% of all passengers took scheduled flights from Ljubljana to other EU airports.

Charter flights that made up approximately 8% of all passengers last year flew mostly to Greece (36%) and Egypt (18%).

The biggest increase in charter flights was reported in flights to Egypt. These tripled in passenger numbers. The biggest decrease was reported in flights to Tunisia (16%).

According to the press release, 56% of charter flight passengers flew between Ljubljana and other EU airports.

The Slovenian airline Adria Airways transported 1.23 million passengers last year, 1% more than the previous year. It also transported 1,510 tonnes of cargo, 17% less than the previous year.


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