The Slovenia Times

Retailer Hofer getting rid of single-use plastic


Hofer has joined the Environment Ministry and the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce's initiative to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags and plastic items in shops.

Although participants in the initiative have agreed to discontinue plastic grocery bags starting in September, Hofer has decided to do that ahead of schedule.

Shoppers will instead be able to buy certified paper bags and choose between three types of reusable bags - a shopping bag, a bag made of recycled materials and a cotton bag.

Plastic cotton sticks, straws, plates, cups and single-use cutlery will be discontinued before the end of the year at the latest. Environment-friendly alternatives to all discontinued items will be available.

The Slovenian branch of the supermarket chain is also preparing a strategy to optimise packaging in all shops that form part of the Aldi Süd group.


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