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Almost 30% of food company Panvita up for sale


On sale are 28.03% stakes in Panvita, the leading company in the Panvita group's crop production and trading division, and in Panvita Mesnine, the leading firm in the group's meat division.

While pig farm operator Farme Ihan-KPM, which has been under the wing of Slovenia's bad bank since 2015, holds 25.42% in each of the two firms, Kona holds 2.61% in Panvita and in Panvita Mesnine.

The largest shareholders of Panvita are trading companies Regal Trgovina (40.23%) and Kompas Shop (21.59%). Real estate developer Imo-Real has a 9.82% stake, with the rest held by small shareholders.

A practically identical ownership structure applies to Panvita Mesnine.

In 2017, Panvita generated EUR 7.21m in net sales revenue with its EBITDA reaching EUR 2.29m.

Panvita Mesnine had no operations that year, but has been undergoing consolidation alongside the other two companies with the meat division, Panvita MIR and Panvita Agromerkur.

The 2017 sale revenue of the meat division, which focuses on pig and poultry breeding and meat processing, amounted to EUR 60.3m.

The Panvita group also has an energy subsidiary, Panvita Ekoteh, which manages biogas plants for the group, which is based in a small town near the city of Murska Sobota.

Its portfolio covers a range of agricultural products, from pork and poultry to grain and fodder, as well as vegetables, high-end processed meats and wine.

By its own accounts, the group has national market shares in excess of 10% in meat processing and poultry production, while the share for pig breeding is 35%.

The sale process is conducted by KF Finance, which will be accepting bids until 4 PM on 24 May.

If several bids meet the sale conditions, the sellers could enter talks with the bidders and/or organise an auction to sell the companies to the highest bidders.


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