The Slovenia Times

Rail operator open to partnerships for subsidiary


ŽGP has enough work modernising infrastructure in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia until 2023, "but if we want to expand outside this region, we need a partner to help us win deals," he told Saturday's edition of the daily, adding that there was "a lot of interest".

The SŽ is already in talks to find a strategic partner for its cargo subsidiary Tovorni Promet as well. Two bidders, the French giant SNCF and Czech EPH, have submitted binding bids for a 49% stake in the company, but it is unclear as of yet who will be selected.

Dnevnik also reports that the rail operator's group revenue kept rising last year, amounting to EUR 561.9m, an almost 9% increase compared to 2017.

Operating profit before amortisation grew by 12% in 2018 year-on-year, with the group generating EUR 29.7m in net profit, down some 3% over the year before.


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