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Ex Ponto 2005



Yet as the endpoint of Ex Ponto, this play displayed such a variety in its range of characters, it felt so international as to outdo many of the traveling acts that came before it. From the audience voting the winners were: first place, the Turkish symphony of theatrical lights "Oedipus in Exile", directed by Sahika Tekand; second place was the Russian fantasy "Dreams of Exile", directed by Kama Ginkas; and third place went to the intelligent Spanish anatomizing of contemporary consumer culture "The History of Ronald, Clown of McDonald's", directed by Rodrigo Garcia and performed by La Carniceria Teatro. Using a variety of European selectors for what should be the greatest international theatre revue of the year, Ex Ponto excels at bringing quality theatre to the Ljubljana audience. One organizer, Ursa Comino says "The Slovenian staging art is on a very high quality level and holds a world reputation, so the Slovenian theatre is one of the most successful export products. "Theatre becomes a meeting place for intellectuals, celebrities and also for economists. We have very high-profile theatre critics, journalists and theorists. Through theatre many of the most reputable Slovenian artists expresses their creativity as musicians, architects or artists from the fine arts, like set and fashion designers. Ex Ponto mirrors the words of's Slovakian actress Zuzana Moravcova, who said "I act to become something else... to go other places and take others with me." Comino emphasized this in her interview. "Ex Ponto is in its 12th year as a theatre festival. It gives Slovenians an opportunity to share in international theatre." Although not a prizewinner, one such high-calibre piece was Atila Pessyani's infinite regress into duality called "Bitter as Honey." This piece concretized cerebral theatre, and by bringing in an Iranian theatre troupe, Ex Ponto showed that they are looking both inside and outside Europe for the best theatre. But Fuznski Bluz was still the flagship performance. Out-of-the-gate celebrity Aleksandra Balmazovic played her teenage lesbian character flawlessly. And the music from Bostjan Gombac and Rambo Amadeus was exceptionally understated. Playwright Andrej Skubic said this about the performance: "Fuzine is a myth. But, everyone believes in the myth. And that is how good drama comes about." Ex Ponto Theatre Festival is affliated with Kultural societa B-51 (Kulturno drustvo B-51) in co-production with the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljalna. For the organizers, the biggest success this year was getting RTV sponsorship, because that demonstrated a national commitment to quality theatre imports in Ljubljana.


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