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Joining EU made Slovenia better, PM says


Šarec said that the EU "made us better, stronger and more confident". Slovenians have always been advocates of a stable, strong and united EU in which respect and trust are key.

"That's why we are so sensitive when values and rules are being broken ... The EU is our home. We are proud of it and we believe in it. In good times and in bad," said Šarec.

He believes, however, that Slovenia is not yet decisive, courageous and far-reaching enough.

Bettel said in his address that EU membership solidified Slovenia's sovereignty. The country has become not only a strong economy and a wonderful holiday destination but also a reliable and trustworthy partner and the voice of reason advocating for closer ties within the EU.

Both prime ministers urged voters to turn out at the European Parliament elections, which will take place on 26 May in Slovenia. "A decisive no needs to be voiced against those spreading fear, enticing exclusion and promising the impossible," said Šarec.

Šarec also said that the next five-year period, the duration of the EU parliament's term, was a new opportunity for the EU to become more effective in addressing issues. The bloc will need to respond quickly to challenges and provide financial support for decisions it makes.

Bettel used his own life to illustrate the advantages of living in the EU, saying that as little back as the previous century he would have been executed in his own country because he is a democrat, liberal, has Jewish roots and is gay.


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