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Flea markets and the Ljubljana market



There are a number of open-air marketplaces in Ljubljana. One can find one practically in all parts of town. But, the market that outshines them all is the food marketplace situated on Vodnik's street in the city centre. This marketplace is not just the biggest. It is also significant for its architectural value and is definitely one of the buildings that define the spirit of Ljubljana's city centre. Fruits and vegetables prevail among the different products sold. One can buy food directly from a farmer who guarantees the product's origin. However, food is not the only product that is being sold at Ljubljana's biggest market. Also available are clothes and leather goods, flowers, spices, and crafts. The marketplace was built in 1944 as a replacement for the lyceum that was demolished during a devastating earthquake in 1895. The design of the marketplace was entrusted to Joze Plecnik, the most revered Slovene architect. He created a set of covered markets over two floors that follow the river's bend. He has equipped the riverside of the buildings with big semicircular windows and the side that faces the road with those marble pillars characteristic of his work. The roof is made of massive concrete blocks. The original plans for the complex, inspired by Renaissance architecture, included a monumental covered bridge, but this was unfortunately never realized. Instead, they have decided to connect the marketplace to the Tromostovje Bridge, another Plecnik creation. To meet this end, Plecnik built a flower shop that resembles an antique temple. Flea markets On Cankarjevo nabrezje one can find an open-air flea market with antiques open on Saturdays and Sundays. The majority of exhibited goods consists of old furniture, artwork, and also relics from the past regime. Another bigger and more chaotic flea market is located in Rudnik (near the last stop of bus number 3, direction Rudnik) and takes place every Sunday. The first thing one notices when entering this flea market is that it is full of junk. However, among the junk one can find some pearls, sold at low prices. People from all walks of life gather there to sell things they no longer need. In the Rudnik flea market one can find a lot of second-hand clothes, books, badges, second-hand CDs and LPs with music, and all kinds of objects from everyday life - some funny, some useful, some even ridiculous. It is a genuine destination where one can buy unorthodox souvenirs, clothes from the sixties, to haggle with the vendors or simply to marvel at what people are selling. When shopping at flea markets one should be careful about the prices of goods. As the sellers many times just want to get rid of their supplies, one can bargain most of the prices down 15% of the original price. Sometimes the percentage can be even higher.


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