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Pipistrel's aircraft charging station introduced to the US


The county's infrastructure department has bought four Pipistrel SkyCharge chargers and two Alpha Electro electric aircraft, the Ajdovščina-based company has reported.

The department has made the investment in partnership with Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum. The acquired charging station will support "the museum's two ALPHA Electro Light Sport all-electric aircraft and ultimately other electric aircraft in the future as electric aircraft gain interest", said the department in a joint press release on 8 May.

"We're honoured that such an esteemed organisation has decided not only to make a decisive move towards green, environment-friendly transformation, but also to use Pipistrel products for that. Any such act, no matter how small, is an important step towards a cleaner and quieter future of green aviation," said the company's representatives.

The docking station, installed at the public-use airport located in the south of the Los Angeles County, enables two aircraft to simultaneously charge an empty battery in 45 minutes.

The museum plans to install additional Pipistrel charging stations throughout the Los Angeles County airport system, with the next one being destined for San Gabriel Valley Airport, located in the city of El Monte.

Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum is a non-profit organisation supporting the surrounding communities through aviation education, interactive after-school activities and flight training. The museum introduces disadvantaged youth to flight and provides a pathway to employment in the aviation industry and beyond, said the museum in the press release.


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