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Parties not relying much on polls, say turnout also important


Prime Minister Marjan Šarec prefers not to comment on public opinion polls, but he told the STA on the sidelines of a parliament session on Monday that he would be quite satisfied if they turned out to be true.

The head of the Marjan šarec List (LMŠ), which enjoys the support of 20.3% of the decided respondents in the latest Vox Populi poll, also pointed to the importance of the turnout. "If it is low, things will be different."

Matej Tonin, the president of the opposition New Slovenia (NSi), relies on the projection by analyst Andraž Zorko of the pollster Valicon, who expects that the party will win one seat in the European Parliament.

According to Tonin, the party will fight for another seat, having gathered a momentum at Sunday's get-together. "We have provided each other with energy and momentum to try to do everything to win this second seat."

He believes that televised debates do not play a major role. "I agree with those who say that people are already more or less decided," Tonin said, adding that the turnout would be of key importance.

"What will be important only is how many people the parties will attract to the polls. Of course, those who have more intensive campaigns, who will motivate people, can count on greater support," he concluded.

The opposition Left expects that one of its candidates will be elected. "The true public opinion poll will be on Sunday, where we count on what surveys are projecting now - one MEP - to be realised," said its coordinator Luka Mesec.

Karl Erjavec, the head of the coalition Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) expects one MEP seat, too. "The atmosphere on the ground is good, DeSUS is well organised," he said, expressing the conviction that its supporters would show up on Sunday.


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